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Connected: Short Hauls

A collection of twelve crime stories; they had been drinking one night when Robby had come out with the murder bit. Jeff had been talking about men he had met in prison; extreme: Killers… #Crime #Stories #ShortFiction

Connected: Sanger Road

The Ford had hit the tree and climbed it a few feet before it came to a complete stop. Carl had to stand on tip toe to peer into it. The driver had no head left, there was no passenger. #Crime #Stories

Connected: Dello Green

Jimmy handled problems for different people. Very many of those people did favors for, or had business dealings with, people who had bad habits. Theft. Gambling. Prostitution, drugs, just to name a few... #Crime #Stories

Earth's Survivors box set contains the entire Earth's Survivors series in one volume.

All ten books in one collection. Follow the survivors as they struggle to survive in a vastly changed world... #Survival #Horror #apocalyptic

Guitar Works

Guitar Works Volume One This is a complete start to finish custom build. The base is an Ovation Applause with the upper bout holes.#Custom #Guitar #Builds #Luthiery

Guitar Works Volume Two This manual will provide that step by step instruction to guide you in learning to figure out what your needs are for a custom built guitar on a budget. Where to find the parts, how to do the work and more. #GuitarBuilds #Custom

Guitar Works Volume Three This is a complete start to finish custom build. The base is an Ovation Applause with the upper bout holes. #Custom #Guitar #Work #Luthiery

Guitar Works Volume Four: The CD60 Build Geo Dell. This volume contains the complete Fender CD60 build. This is a complete start to finish custom build. The base is an Fender CD60 Acoustic cutaway guitar. #GuitarWorks #fender

Guitar Works Volume 5 Doing neck repairs, refretting jobs and cutting, shaping and installing your own nut or saddle: Fret board removal, truss rod installation; how to radius the new board and install new frets. #Custom #Guitar #Builds #Luthiery

Guitar Works Volume Six This will cover a snapped neck, where the neck is cracked in two. How to make a lasting repair and the order in which to do the multiple repairs you will need to perform to do that. #Guitar #CustomBuilds #Luthiery

Guitar Works Volume Seven I will show you how to take a bone blank and turn it into a saddle; how to get the shape and measurements you need to accomplish it: How to install it and set it up to your own tastes. #Custom #Guitar #Builds

Guitar Works Volume Eight: Seven String Jazz Acoustic. Geo Dell $8.99. A complete start to finish acoustic 7 string guitar build. Learn how to build your own acoustic guitar #Guitar #Luthiery #Build #CustomWork #GuitarWorks

Guitar Works: Nine I started this build about a year ago and then left it. I originally intended to build a seven string slim bodied guitar, but I hate building guitars that just sit. Guitars are made to be played. #GuitarBuilds #Custom #Guitar

Guitar Works Beginner Builds

This guide will give you information that you can use to build your own guitars. Doing things step by step, you can come very close to perfect results every time. #Guitar #Builds #CustomWork #Luthiery

Guitar Works: Finish Work. This manual will provide step by step instruction to guide you in finishing your guitar. I provide examples of Acrylic and Nitrocellulose lacquer; full paints, and spot repairs on various instruments in my shop. #Guitar #Finish

Earth’s Survivors: Settlement Earth

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: 3. An alarm mounted on the wall began to bray. Long, strident calls. Mieka turned to the alarm, frozen for a second. It had never been triggered in the ten years he had worked at the Alaska station... #Disaster

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book 2. Andrea Zurita had been alive for the second time for more than three days. The men who had left her body had done so carefully... #Undead #ZombiePlague #Apocalyptic

Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth: Book 1. I took a trip around the upstairs. The boards are all tight, but the night is dragging on and the dead are still too quiet: That bothers me... #Zombie #Apocalyptic

Paul Block

Dead: Dead is a collection of eight short stories that all look at death from different angles. Ordinary people in ordinary circumstances that death just happens to play a leading role in. #Death #Horror

Alive Again: They had been three; traveling together for safety in the world of the Un-dead... And they didn't kid themselves, it was the world of the Un-dead, and there was little enough protection even traveling as a group. #Zombies #Apocalyptic

Green Valley Farm: A Zombie Love Story A L Norton P Block. I am losing control, I know I am, but... It was on a Tuesday. I went to get the mail and there were six or seven dead crows by the box. #Zombie #Apocalyptic


Glennville #1: Fig Street: Under the city of Glennville a series of caves cut from the limestone by the Black River attract visitors: Something lives in the cold, dark caves. Something some have refused to believe... #Horror

Glennville #2: A short story that goes back to a time when life was simpler. This short story is set in the fictitious city of Glennville where the Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth series is set. #Summer #YouthFiction

Glennville #3: Bobby had been sitting quietly on the steps wondering who ordered all that stuff and how they could possibly pay for it-when his mother had said the country was going broke, when Moon Calloway and Lois Tibbet walked up. #Summer #friends

Glennville #4 Alabama: She drew a breath another and suddenly the noise and smells of the world rushed back in completely. The screams became louder. Horns blared. The ground trembled under her feet as if restless. #Apocalypse #EndTimes

Glennville #5 Genesis Earth: Armageddon. Sparse light from the hallway fell through the doorway: Suddenly, a silver flash swept from the darkness. His mind did not immediately register what it was ...WHAT? His mind cried out... #Rapture #SciFi #Horror

Glennville #6 Genesis Earth: Gods and Devils is the second book in a trilogy of books that document the plight of the peoples of the Earth as she faces a mighty battle of super powers rarely glimpsed by mankind. #Glennville #Horror #WendellSweet

Glennville #7 Genesis Earth: The Roads Out Of Eden. The third and final book in this trilogy that document the plight of the peoples of the Earth fight the powers that seem to be pushing the earth toward her final destruction. #Rapture #Armageddon #Horror


The sun is down all the way here. I went back upstairs. Nothing on the horizon. That time of evening when the sun is down and the moon has yet to rise. Very dark. Can't see anything in any direction. Thought they must be all sleeping in the barn, but I heard some movements out near where I... Never mind what I did there, I'll get to that soon enough, I guess. I only heard it once, but I know damn well it's one of them... Some of them... #Apocalyptic #Horror #Zombie

Yellowstone W. G. Sweet

“The Yellowstone caldera is going to erupt sometime in the next few days. Not a maybe, not an educated guess: It has already started. We have had a few small quakes, but the big stuff is on the way. Super volcanoes... Earthquakes that modern civilization has never seen... The last super eruption was responsible for killing off the human population some seventy-four thousand years ago: Reduced it to a few thousand. And that is not the biggest one we have evidence of.”

Alabama Island is a collection of 12 short stories, including the featured story, Alabama Island... I had walked by the mouth of the alley twice and both times I saw the old Ford sitting there in the deep shadows... #Crime

Mister Bob is a collection of short stories from Author Dell Sweet. A DRESS FOR JANEY: A dirt poor farmer rides out after the thief that stole his horse. He leaves his wife to run the farm hoping he can return before too long... #western #fantasy

Borderline: Collected Short Stories Dell Sweet Borderline and 16 other short stories by Dell Sweet. #Crime #ShortStories

Crime Time Dell Sweet Crime Time is a collection of nine crime stories from author Dell Sweet. From short stories to near novel length... #Crime #ShortStories #Apple

Writing Basics Dell Sweet Writers, every writer I know, have spoken to, spent time with, is messed up. Something is not quite right with that person, me included. But if you truly examine that statement, is anybody quite right? Anyone at all? I don't think so. #Author #Writer

Necro Dell Sweet He had been lying half out of the gutter for the last several hours that he knew of. He had no idea how long before that. Days? Weeks? Weeks seemed wrong. Days, he decided. He turned his attention back to the roadway… #Zombie #Apocalypse

Only In Dreams Dell Sweet An early morning on a quiet road turns into a lifetime of nightmares for Joe when he loses everything in a split second. Wife, friends, and as far as he is concerned, his future. #Fantasy #Horror

Rapid City: Cowboys and Zombies Dell Sweet I am Robert Evans, a gunfighter. I wear stitched leather gloves with no fingers. There is a man in Alabama City that makes them special for me... #Cowboys #Zombies

Earth’s Survivors

Earth's Survivors Rising from the Ashes: An epic adventure to survive the end of society. The end begins with scattered survivors struggling to understand what has happened to the safe, familiar world they knew... #Apocalypse #ExtinctionEvent

Earth's Survivors The Nation: We believe that the end of society means the end of the world, and I guess it did for some of us. But the end of Earth? No. Earth will go on and on when we are nothing at all but dust upon the ground. #Apocalyptic #Survive

Earth's Survivors: Home in the Valley. The roads were bad; good fuel was tough to find: It all burned, but if the vehicles were severely under-powered and knocked; it was the bad stuff. Even so; the roadway itself was the worst of it. #Apocalyptic #Horror

Earth's Survivors: Plague … There was no time for thought. He swung his rifle up and fired. He had no time to register what he had accomplished. He dropped his eyes from the woods, alerted by a yell from Tim on the other side of him and the Zombie was on him just that fast.

Earth’s Survivors: Watertown. What starts out as a drug deal quickly spirals into the first steps in the fall of the old society... Follow along as we step back in time and tell the tale of the beginning of the end...

Earth's Survivors: World Order “They will do the same thing we have been doing. Supply runs. Ammunition runs, weapons... And a few other things that are the business of this council and no one else,” Ronnie said. #Apocalyptic #horror

Earth's Survivors: The Fold

"You're afraid Frank, you're afraid that God might ask too much... God don't ever ask too much, just what you kin handle, Frank," Jeremiah stated calmly. #Apocalyptic #Horror

Earth's Survivors: Los Angeles

His gun was aimed at the ground, close to her feet. She had only a split second to decide. He was less than five feet away, the gun rising from the ground, when she pushed the trigger and watched the stream leap at him. #Horror #Apocalyptic

Earth's Survivors: Zombie Fall

Mike drove the barrel of his gun into the zombies head, got it lined up, the zombie biting at him as he went down, missing by scant inches. Mike pulled the trigger and the zombies head exploded in a spray of black. #Apocalyptic #Horror

Earth's Survivors: Candace and Mike

The planet Earth is about to experience an extinction event. Most of the world will be gone when it is finished, but some will survive. Candace and Mike are two of those survivors. #Apocalyptic #Horror

Earth's Survivors: Beth

Beth comes from Los Angeles in the first days of the Apocalypse and makes her way across the country to the east coast and the Nation which is growing in the former state of Kentucky. #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Story of Bear: Bear is the man who made his way out of New York amidst the death and destruction of the apocalypse and fought his way across the country, finally ending up a member of the Nation, and the Leader of the first OutRunner team.

Earth's Survivors: Billy

The Story of Billy: The man moved more fully out of the shadows. “You Gabe?” he asked.

The darker shadow nodded. “You...?” He started.

“Now who else would I be?” He asked.

The darker shadow said nothing. The other man passed him a small paper bag.

#Apocalyptic #Horror

Earth's Survivors: Box Set

Earth's Survivors box set contains the entire Earth's Survivors series in one volume. A meteorite that was supposed to miss the earth hits and becomes the cap to a series of events that destroy the world as we know it. #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Zombie Plagues: Billy Jingo

The Deal

Daryl opened the trunk of the Toyota and picked up the blue duffel bag, he tossed it to Ben and Ben caught it deftly. Ben stared at him until Daryl broke the stare.

"If you want it any time you can have it," Ben said softly.

The Zombie Plagues: Southland. They were pinned down in the remains of a pole barn in a field just a few miles outside of Watertown off route 11 south. The rains had been so hard and so frequent that the fields and roads were completely flooded. #Zombies #Apocalyptic

The Zombie Plagues: Doomed. Early morning darkness held the road that fronted the cave. The moonlight reflected off the rapids of the Black river. A shadow moved by one of the pickup trucks. The sound of sand gritting beneath the sole of a shoe came clearly in the shadowy darkness.

The Zombie Plagues: Return

The rifle shot pulled him from sleep instantly. He had his own rifle in his hands and was running through the rain a second later. His bare feet pounding down the graveled path to the barns.

The Zombie Plagues: Zombie Fall. The stench was overpowering as he stepped partly inside. The fire was out, and there was little light to see by. Even so he could see the remains of two bodies that lay close by the entrance way. #ZombieFiction #Apocalypse

The Zombie Plagues: Wilderness

Donita and the boy

The fires burned bright, freshly banked for the night. She could not say what it was in fire that frightened her, but it did. It touched something deep inside, something that she could sense had not always been there...

The Zombie Plagues: Dead Road

Books One through five were published, book six was not published for the series and the epilogue was also withheld. It would have come at a much later date in the series.The first six books and bonus material!


The Zombie Plagues Book One: A great change was coming to the Earth. Catastrophe was about to change everything her people took for granted. It made some wish for death, but death was no longer a guarantee. For some death had become some other sort of life. A life they could not easily leave. #Zombie #Apocalyptic

The Zombie Plagues Collection Two: A supply trip with Mike, Ronnie and a few others turns into The Nations first real clash with the dead, resulting in death for some of The Nations own. They also meet a new group of survivors that will become their strongest allies in their fight against the #undead #Horror #Zombies

America the Dead

America the Dead: Begins the End

When a disaster looms on the near horizon, the government releases an airborne virus designed to make the human race better able to survive. It was developed for soldiers to go longer without food and water, and increase their strength.

America the Dead: Los Angeles

More than 90 percent of the human population has been wiped from the face of the earth. Those that have survived are struggling against all odds to stay alive. Around them the dead lay where they have fallen, but when...

America the Dead: Manhattan


Donita sat on a stool in the kitchen writing. Something was going on out in the world. The local news had been canceled now again at five. There were fires burning out of control in the projects. No firemen had come. No cops. Nobody at all.

America the Dead: War at home 1

Project Bluechip: Watertown NY

“Heart rate is dropping, don't you think...” He stopped as the monitor began to chime softly. Before he could get fully turned around the chiming turned into a strident alarm that rose and fell.

America the Dead: War at home 2

It was about an hour and a half past sunset when Mike took over one of the perimeter guard posts.

“Quiet?” He asked.

“Pretty much. The dog... what's that dog's name?” she asked. "He's been barking a lot..."

“We, uh... He's The Dog.” Mike finished lamely.

America the Dead: The Zombie Plagues

There were thousands of the living camped out in the park. She could smell them on the air that flowed past her face as she walked. They had believed they were safe in their numbers.

America the Dead: Zombie Fall

Circumstances were worse for those who stayed behind when we made our way to this place. If they had not stayed to fight the rest of us would not have been able to get away. David told me what it had been like for them. #Apocalyptic #Horror

America the Dead: The Fold 1

Jeremiah Edison sat on the tractor as it slipped and slid its way down the hill through the gray sheets of rain, he let out a sigh of relief once it reached the bottom. He had been sure both he and the old tractor would end up in the creek...

America the Dead: The Fold 2

Jessie Stone:

Jessie bent forward and pushed the hair out of Frank's eyes. The train was stopped, the tracks were gone, Jeremiah thought they were somewhere inside Illinois. Frank had slept through all of it, helped along by some morphine... #Apocalyptic


Mister Bob

Mister Bob is a collection of short stories from Author Dell Sweet. #ShortStories #eBooks #Apple

Crime Time

Dell Sweet

Crime Time is a collection of nine crime stories from author Dell Sweet. From short stories to near novel length... #ShortStories #Apple #CrimeFiction

Writing Basics. How I make money as a writer. Tips, Techniques. Earn an actual living selling your books on-line #Earn #Money #Apple

White Trash A L Norton and Dell Sweet

Hardcore crime fiction in the pulp tradition. #Crime #Apple #eBooks


Zombie fiction from #Apple #eBooks

Rocket: Book one. Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He Purchased Star Dancer right out of school and has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to outposts within the confines of the Solar System and the established bases on the Moon, Mars and Saturn's moons. The times are changing though and the big money is in the longer out of system runs. To do that he'll need a crew and a bigger ship, but he has the ambition and the rest just might fall into place.

Base One: Book two. For the last two days Michael had found himself thinking in an new direction. All the old stuff we depended on is gone and that's okay. He didn't care at all if he never saw space again. In fact he'd rather not go back to it and even if there was a way to fix it all he didn't want to go back to Earth: He was positive in fact that they could never go back; none of them. He was positive he wouldn't be able to live that way again anyway… Not after this. Less than two years ago his entire life, his entire focus was wrapped up in the old way. Hadn't he been waiting for the countdown to go on his next mission? He had. Back to space? He had no choice, he would have to go, but his life would not be space... Travel... Missions...

Necro: #writerscommunity #ebooks He had been lying half in half out of the gutter for the last several hours that he knew of. He had no idea how long before that. Days? Weeks? Weeks seemed wrong. Days, he decided. #Zombie #Apocalyptic #Horror

Borderline: Collected Short Stories Dell Sweet Borderline:

He had walked past the mouth of the alleyway twice already. There was someone in the car, just a suggestion of a someone, but someone nonetheless. Wasn't there? Or was it his mind playing tricks on him?

The motor purred softly on the old Ford as it sat in the alleyway, the exhaust rumbling off the brick walls. Just far enough back so as not to attract a great deal of attention, but close enough that it had caught Billy's attention. And the problem with that was it would not let him go. He had to know what the car was doing there.

Only in Dreams – Fantasy from Dell Sweet. An early morning on a quiet road turns into a lifetime of nightmares for Joe when he loses everything in a split second. #Horror #Apple

Dreamers Dell Sweet. The black consumed everything. Sound... Light... Color... Thought... Air... Life... Feelings and pain and sometimes when it happened I wished it would just go on forever. On and On... Nothing else ever. Just blackness... Forever... Rest. Sleep. Real sleep... Peace of mind... Real...

Billy Jingo Collected Short Stories Private Investigations:

I lowered the glasses, slipped a cigarette from my pack and lit it, and then settled back to smoke as I watched. I know, they'll kill me, but isn't life killing us all every day? I know, I know, excuses. I got a ton of them. #Apple #ShortStories

Mexico Bound

I buried the Mexican just after sundown. I can't say much about the sort of man he was in life, but I can say he was a strong man in death. The Moon has led my way and I'm on my way across the desert into Mexico…

Yellowstone We all think that Yellowstone is the remains of an extinct volcano. Except it is not true at all because the Yellowstone caldera is not extinct, it is active. There were, at one time, many active volcanoes on the North American continent. Yellowstone remains ready to blow at any time… #Super #Volcanoes

Rapid City… Zombies and Cowboys. The wild west after the zombie apocalypse #Zombie #WildWest #Apple

Non Fiction: Life in a Minor. My life on the streets as a young teen in Western New York #DrugAddiction #StreetLife #Apple

Non Fiction: True stories from a small town. Real stories from my life growing up in Northern New York. #NonFiction #Apple


Author Dell Sweet on Apple #iTunes #iBooks #Apple #Horror #Crime #Apocalyptic

Author Geo Dell on iTunes #GuitarBuilds #Luthier #Apocalyptic #Crime

Author W. G. Sweet at iBooks #iTunes #iBooks #apple #Mythology #ApocalypticFiction

Author Lindsey Rivers #Authors #iTunes #Apocalyptic

Author Paul Block on Apple #iTunes #iBooks #apple #Crime #Dystopian #ShortStories

Author James Whyte on Apple Books #Crime #Apocalyptic #Dystopian #Zombies

Author W. W. Watson on Apple #iTunes #iBooks #Apple

Author Wendell Watson on Apple Books #iTunes #Ibooks #Apple #Dystopian #Apocalyptic


America the Dead series on iTunes! The end is here. The world has collapsed into loose groups of survivors waring with each other, killing each other, trying desperately to claw their way to safety and freedom. #AmericaTheDead #Apocalyptic #Horror #see-all/other-books-in-book-series

From L.A. To Manhattan the cities, governments have toppled and lawlessness is the rule. The dead lay in the streets while gangs fight for control of what is left. Small groups band together for safety and begin to leave the ravaged cities behind in search of a future that can once again hold promise... #Apocalyptic #Horror #Zombie

Dreamers. My hands came up reflexively and caught the edge of the wire as it came down to circle my throat. It bit into my hands momentarily before I was able to duck, roll off the bench; pulling myself free, hanging onto the wire with one hand. Pulling Abignew with me over the top of the bench. Catching him by surprise. Blood ran down one of my hands from the bite of the wire, but both of my hands closed around Abignew's neck, my thumbs on his windpipe, crushing. #SciFi #Fantasy #Dreamer #SkinWalker

Rocket Book 1 in the Star Bound Series by Dell Sweet

Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He Purchased Star Dancer right out of school and has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to outposts within the confines of the Solar System and the established bases on the Moon, Mars and Saturn's moons. The times are changing though and the big money is in the longer out of system runs. To do that he'll need a crew and a bigger ship, but he has the ambition and the rest just might fall into place.

A new navigator, the beautiful Petra starts him thinking in a new direction and not just about Star Cruising. Maybe the next few flights for Star Dancer will be her last and he and Petra can set their sights on bigger adventures out beyond the stars...

Base One Book 2 in the Star Bound Series by Dell Sweet

Stranded on a planet billions of miles from home; what is left of the human race is starting over again… This time on Hay Vida we might not have to retreat to our DNA at all. It might be possible to go forward and adapt as we age. But even if we did retreat it would not be world ending. It would only mean beginning anew in a more basic way: A more basic configuration of the true life form that we were.

The SE Series

Earth's Survivors SE 1 contains the complete text from the first two Earth's Survivors books. It follows survivors of a worldwide catastrophe. From L.A. To Manhattan the cities, governments have toppled and lawlessness is the rule.


Earth's Survivors SE 2 contains the complete text from the Earth's Survivors books three and four, The Nation and Home in the Valley.

#Apocalyptic #Horror #Series


Earth's Survivors SE 3. The Outrunner Books are all the collected OutRunner books. This Collection follows the OutRunners as they assemble from L.A and N.Y. The only book that tells the full tale of the outrunners... #Apocalyptic #Horror #Survival


The Earth's Survivors SE 4 series follows follow Mike, Candace and a few other survivors as they struggle to stay alive in a vastly changed world...

#Apocalyptic #Horror #EarthsSurvivors


Earth's Survivors SE 5 brings together book Six and book seven from the earth's Survivors series in one volume. From the theft of the virus from a top secret facility to the births of The Nation's first babies... #Apocalyptic #Horror


T X Grant : His Own. Just outside of Fort Drum; on the old Jeffery's farm; buried under four feet of loose earth in a freshly dug grave. Joe Miller suddenly awoke, and began to claw his way out towards the surface. #Dystopian #Apocalyptic #AppleBooks

Dead Road: Trigger. Series: Dead Road, Book 1 By James Whyte "The virus is designed to live within the host, but it can stay alive in a dead body for days, even if the body is frozen. In fact that just freezes the virus too; once the body is thawed it will infect any living person that comes along.” #Zombie #Horror

Dead Road Bang. Series: Dead Road, Book 2 by James Whyte. He had hid out for three days until the word had trickled down to him that it was him they were looking for to hand over to some federal agents from the U.S. It hadn't taken much to put two and two together. #Apple #ZombieApocalypse #Horror


Zombie: The Zombie Killers ,no 1. It would mean we were scared, and we took some comfort in each other... Because the attraction was there, and because it can just be about that sometimes.” She drew a breath. #Zombies #Horror

Zombie: Origins: Book 2. I sat down on a bench and watched the people shuffle by. No noisy kids. No babies bawling. No Joggers; dog walkers. Hopeless people shuffling by, but in the coming days, they, the hopeless ones, began to shoot the crazies. #Zombie

Zombie: Mission Zero. Book 3. In this second book they come into their own as a team and set themselves on the true course that they will follow from then on, with one mission only: To wipe out the Zombie Plagues infesting the world. #Zombies #Fiction

Zombie: Outbreak. Book 4. The Graveyard: The moon rode high in the sky. Moonlight gleamed from bits of gravel in the dirt road that lead into the barn. Silence held, and then a scraping came from the ground, muffled, deep. #Horror #ZombieFiction

Zombie: The Final Mission. Book 5: Pearl made her way out of Watertown after escaping from project Bluechip. She made her way to the Nation and then joined forces with Billy, Bear and Beth making the Zombie Killers a reality. #Zombie #Horror

White Trash. Fourteen million dollars in a suitcase. Severed body parts in a duffel bag. Two hired killers. A drug dealer. Two organized crime kingpins; all chasing two white trash kids from New York down to the deep south... #CrimeFiction #PulpFiction

True Stories

True: True Stories from a small town: One. These stories look are like snapshots at points in my life. They are part of a much larger work I intend to eventually publish. #NonFiction #TrueStories

True: True Stories from a small town: Two. Twelve years ago, after years of drug and Alcohol abuse I fell down completely, destroyed the life I had and went to prison. I worked at understanding myself and then, a few years ago I came home. #Death #Prison

True: True Stories from a small town: Three. In AA they say that addictions will take you to hospitals, Mental Institutions and Prisons. It's true. They will. I have been in all of those places because of my addictions. #Addiction #Recovery #Streets

The Nation Chronicles Book One: The wind kicked up along Beechwood Avenue in Seattle's red light district. A paper bag went rolling along the cracked sidewalk: Skipping over Willie LeFray's feet where he stood watching the traffic... thinking. One trick... The right trick... Somebody with money and he could call the night good. #Horror #Apocalyptic #Apple

The Nation Chronicles Book Two: They spent that night by a quiet lake that reminded them of the one back in Washington. They were now in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, just outside the small town of Wamsutter. They were both becoming used to the traveling, and had each developed a routine… #Epic #Apocalyptic #Horror

The Nation Chronicles Book Three: The conclusion of the trilogy begins here... Ira killed the motor. The moon was clouded, and maybe, he reasoned, the boat would blow right by them. No sooner had he completed the thought though, then the clouds parted and the moon rolled out of the darkness. Bad luck, he thought. #Horror #Apocalyptic #Dystopian #Apple

Special editions

Mexico. The morning starts out like any other for the residents of Watertown, but later in the morning a violent chase ending in a crash began a series of events that would put two young kids on the run from the Law, criminal underworld, and with only each other to depend on. #CrimeFiction


His Own

They had discovered earlier that none of their cell phones worked, some phone lines were still working. Mike had tried for over two hours, calling every emergency number in the telephone book. Nothing at all... #EndTimes #Apocalypse #Rapture