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Genesis Earth from W. G. Sweet

Genesis Earth: Armageddon: Follow the peoples of the Earth as they face complete destruction of their world. On a faraway planet two armies face each other to do battle. In the Heavens, God reigns: Below Evil is unleashed… #God #Satan #Horror

Genesis Earth: Gods and Devils: Genesis Earth is a trilogy of books that document the plight of the peoples of the Earth as they face complete destruction of their world. On a faraway planet two armies face each other… #GoodandEvil #ChristianFantasy

Genesis Earth: The Roads out of Eden: The Roads out of Eden: #Mythology #ChristianFiction Those that fight, fight with the knowledge that they may fall forever, but that they might also rise to a new life. Those in death and those in life will make their choices…

Addiction 2

Let’s say you do that time, or maybe you don’t, but you’ve made your mistakes and you are trying to pick yourself up and move past them. Admirable and that is not sarcasm. Moving forward in life is a big deal. Many people just bury their mistakes and they never deal with, acknowledge or learn from those mistakes so that they won’t do them again. They seem to skate through life, meanwhile there you are, regretful, doing what you can to make amends, sure that you will be forgiven if you do the right things because that is what you were told from childhood. But it isn’t true.

I started this purposely telling you that there is no such thing as rehabilitation in this country and that is true. Maybe I irritated a few people immediately with that statement, but hear me out before you start protesting or whining about what I said.

Check out the law. Take a look at reality. Check the statistics and you will see I am right. It has never been anything else. Confession, admission of guilt will get you past the parts of what you did that supposedly must be answered for, but from there it moves you into the punishment phase, not rehabilitation, and there will never be forgiveness of any kind at all.

Look at the way this country works, not in a critical way, just an impartial way. We say one thing, we do something different.  We imply absolution, we give none. We imply forgiveness, we again give none. You may be starting to think I am being hypercritical, but bear with me; I have an end and a purpose for these words in mind.

My purpose is to get you to take a breath, realize the way the world really is, not the dream world we all want to live in, but the real world we all do live in. That is important because even though I said all of that, none of it has to be true, because we as individuals make our own reality to a very large extent.

Yes, just shake your head, clear it. I wanted us to all be on the same level playing field and now we are. The key is, we can shape our own destiny, and we often don’t. Instead, we allow others to shape it for us. We allow others to tell us what their reality is. What they perceive our reality as. We find it easier to go with the flow, to join with the rest of the people that do accept the status quo and just jump in and follow blindly. Swim little fishy, swim. But it gains us nothing at all. It means we gave up our individuality to feel like we are part of something even though we know it is not really what we want to be part of at all. What we really want is to be part of what we believe. We know there must be others who believe as we do also, and there are, that is true. There are many others who see that better way. Dream about it. Almost touch it, but they do not have the resolve to see it to fruition. There is not enough belief inside of them. They are afraid, and fear is a stronger motivator than their desire to realize their own goals: To be individuals completely.

So what good is it all if no one makes it to the end? I never said no one makes it. People do make it. My illustration is that it is a hard road. You have to want it badly. More than you want to fit in. And that brings me back to my beginning. The major force, fear: That which holds us back. It is wielded by others whenever we make a mistake. You will meet people who will let that pass, but you will meet people who will not. Unfortunately there is always something about that other person that keeps us with them. We find things that are redeeming in them, about them, all we need to do is change, and give up that dream, maybe all we are really doing is growing up, after all. And so why not do it. Look at what we can have.

The problem is blinding. It is so hard to reason past, see around, that we give up completely more often than not and join that irresistible force that compels us, but the entire premise is flawed. Forgiveness is not a human trait. Neither is forgetting, and those are the things we really require moving forward if we have invested in their answers, their ideals. Forgiveness and forgetting are supernatural things, things we assign to divine beings, and we do that because we know deep down we are not capable of them ourselves. Yet we still expect to receive them from others.

To me that is like believing in the Easter bunny, or Santa Claus, but if you give it some thought we are a race of beings that love to make up fairy tales, tell stories, weave fiction into reality and so we subvert ourselves because some of us never stop and lay it all out. Tell ourselves what our truths are. It can be that simple. It certainly doesn’t need to be complicated, it only needs to be explanatory, and it only needs to be for us, because although there are physical laws that equalize all of us, our motivations, goals and dreams make us capable of being vastly different from one another.

So we do not have to become someone else to realize our dreams, in fact that absorption into someone else’s dream is what will kill our own dreams, usually for good. All we need to do is stay the course, and let me explain why.

One of the things you will notice when you step back to really look at your situation is that after a very short period of observing how things work you will see that your protagonists, the ones who want you to change so badly, to see the world as they do, are very insecure themselves. They need you to change to reinforce them, not to help you. You can easily see this because they give up very easily and move onto someone else if they don’t get results and if you happen to see them change someone to their thinking you will see the positive reinforcement this gives to them. That doesn’t mean they will never try again to change you, they will, it only means that like you they need positive reinforcement to move forward the same as you do.

Positive reinforcement: It is undeniable, powerful, and it is most often the reason that powerful people exist at all. The intoxication they feel when they bring someone into their line of thinking, make them see something they did not see before, did not conceptualize without them showing it to them. That is a feeling that is not unlike a drug: Once they taste it they will want more of it. Whether they are on a true path or destined to become wreckage may no longer matter to them. Think about that. They are bringing you along, who knows how many others and they don’t even have a pilot or a map.

So what to do? It is obvious that not all of us are leaders. It is equally obvious that some of us do need to follow. I am not questioning any of that. Leaders and followers is the natural order of things. There could be no Gods if there were no people to follow them. No great men or women. I believe it is inside of us, lead or follow. I know there are those who say there is another way, the ‘Go my own path’ way, but that is bull. The go my own path people have their own branch. How could that be if they are all alone? It couldn’t be. It is just another path to be part of a whole, while attempting to deny the need to be a part of something when that need is undeniable. Water the grass and the trees and they will grow. Withhold sustenance and all will die. If there truly were a path alone you could withhold all there is and they would continue unaffected. So while I understand that need to be an individual, it can only go so far. In the end you follow or you lead.

The choice is not to do something outrageous. Yes, some do choose wild paths and some do succeed on those paths. That is not what I am saying. Outrageous implies spontaneous reaction, and reaction means you gave it no thought at all. I have watched some of what appears to be outrageous and it is sometimes, but there are times when it only appears outrageous to you or I because we have never seen it, never considered it: That does not mean it is outrageous.

In my experience there are those who do those outrageous things with no planning and they always fail just as we know they will as we watch the outcome or the events leading to the outcome play out. We say to ourselves, “I saw that coming.” And you did, so did I, but what about the times when we say we didn’t see that coming? When we turn to the other in awe? Have you ever jumped into those times and asked questions: How did this happen? How did you get here? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but I have and I have because I have seen it happen a few times and I didn’t ask any questions. I assumed it was luck, but have you ever really looked at luck; the odds of this thing happening over that thing, for instance winning the lottery. The odds of winning are so far against you that you may as well not even try. Now if you were calculating the odds of losing that would be a pretty good bet. Say if you chose to bet that you would lose: No book would take the bet, odds are you will lose. Weighing those odds it is easy to see the other end of those odds, how wildly hopeful you would have to be to expect to win. Yet some people enter into everything they do believing just that: That they will win. And when they do all the bystanders will be in awe, just as we are when that person wins the lottery out of the blue.

So what is the secret then? How do we live life in a world that is weighted against us? How do we trust, who do we trust? What do we hope for and how do we know we will get it? The first thing we have to realize is that our destiny is in our control. We are the ones responsible for our ultimate destination.

Break the law and wind up in prison? You made that decision. Yes, I know that there are men and women who sometimes end up in circumstances wrongly. I get that. I have seen it, but the percentage is low. And most often when I hear that argument it is a last hope argument. It means “I have not taken any responsibility for my own life and I know it and so I need to put that blame off on someone else because I can’t function under that load.” Or the reality would be that the person is completely unaware of their circumstances. Very unlikely, very unlikely. And I am not speaking about an experience of some other person. I am not guessing. I am talking from my own experience. What I have done, what I have tried to do, and what I have seen that other people have tried to do.


Dell Sweet

Good early morning from New York. I live next to the largest winter military training base in the world, Fort Drum N.Y. I literally live less than a half mile from what used to be the main gate. I went through that gate all the time as a kid to sell newspapers to G.I.’s in the old wooden barracks that used to be there; later as an adult I drove cab, delivering thousands of soldiers back to the base in the early morning hours.

The road out front of my house is a pet killer. So much traffic uses that road that they have been repaving every few years. Cats, stray dogs, skunks, raccoons, deer, turkeys, woodchucks and all other manner of animals cross that road. I personally have lost two cats to that road. It is busy all the time; except now. That made this virus scare real to me, when the near constant explosions from war games, and the steady traffic all stopped over a few days.

I have reasons to stay home and not chance contact with someone infected. I have a compromised immune system from an open heart surgery that went wrong. Eventually that will kill me, but even the regular old flu could do me in, so I actually never leave the house ever unless I absolutely have to: That means doctor/cardiologist/ER. I have no wish to speed it up by getting sick, and it’s funny but, I have a pretty good life on-line, with my writing, computer builds, game builds. We all live the best we can.

I wrote my first book about the collapse of society in 1974. It was never published. I was unsure of my abilities, I shelved it. I then got involved in life and forgot about it.

I remembered in about 1986, dug it out, sent it to someone to edit and proof it, submitted it, was accepted tentatively (They wanted some changes, easy enough for me to do), but I got cold feet, pulled it and really pissed off that publisher.

I eventually lost that copy, or so I thought. In any case I moved on, and a few years later found myself working online. The internet was brand new. I learned HTML, JAVA, some C and began to do work building websites. In my down time, since I was working at home, I began writing. Hoping to replace that long lost story/book about the collapse of society.

Eventually I turned that into dozens and dozens of stories about survivors left after the collapse of society, and over time I published many of those stories into novels, Earth’s Survivors / America the Dead / Zombie .

I read Stephen King’s The Stand A story about the Super Flu, released by or own government and then wiping out most of the world’s population. I also read Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children A story about the dawn of great change for mankind, and a little girl named Ayla who became a woman in those novels and also became known worldwide.

But, those stories, although good reads, are stories, not reality. We see some governments doing a better job than others during this crisis. Our own government, with all its political infighting loves to point fingers and cast blame, but during this serious crisis they actually are working together.

Perfect? No. No one entity or person can be perfect except of course God, or whatever higher power you believe in. But they are doing well. Sincerely, I write end of the world fiction for a living, and I am telling you we’ll be fine. I think we just have to keep the alarmists at arms-length and listen with our whole head and heart. Take care of your loved ones. Don’t panic. Find things to do if you are stuck at home. Read books, watch those ten seasons of Friends you always intended to. Play cards, board games, reacquaint yourself with God, and try to be kind to others, more so that you usually would because some people will continue to be afraid: It is Human nature.

If you would like to read some of my books and you can’t afford them or don’t want to spend money, drop me an eMail and I’ll send you what you want for free: Smashwords, D2D, Amazon are my publishers, they distribute to Apple, Kobo, Scribd, Nook, Walmart. etc. So if you see a book there that you want, tell me and I’ll send it in the format you tell me you need.

Meanwhile, take things slow. Love the people who matter to you and spread some kindness around, Dell

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The Nation Chronicles Podcast

The Nation Chronicles Podcast: Follow the survivors of an extinction event as they search for other survivors and a way to rebuild society. #Survivors #TheNationChronicles

The Nation Chronicles By Wendell Sweet: The Nation Chronicles Podcast: The fall of civilization. A catastrophic extinction event wipes out most of Earth’s population. Those who remain face a hard road… #TheNationChronicles #Podcast

The Nation Chronicles. Follow a group of survivors from a catastrophic event as they search for others and safety.  #Survival #Podcast #Apocalypse

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Knock Kindle Edition: One of the things we noticed was that those bastards got smarter… Faster… Like… like they were evolving. There I said it. I know how it sounds, but it is true. Watch for yourself and see… #Zombie #Apocalypse

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Mister Bob: Collected Short Stories Kindle Edition: Mister Bob is a collection of short stories from Author Dell Sweet.FIREFIGHT: Private Johnson finds himself in the middle of a firefight in the jungles of Vietnam… #ShortStories #Fiction

Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to outposts on the Moon, Mars and Saturn’s moons. #SpaceOpera #SpaceSettlement

Earth’s Survivors Rising from The Ashes: A meteorite hit becomes the cap to a series of events that destroyed the world as they know it. Police, fire, politicians, military, governments: All gone. #ApocalypticFiction #Survival

Earth’s Survivors The Nation: From L.A. To Manhattan the cities, governments have toppled and lawlessness is the rule. The dead lay in the streets while gangs fight for control of what is left… #Apocalypse #survivalduringdisasters

Connected: Short Hauls Kindle Edition: A collection of seven crime stories; including Harrows…

They had been drinking one night when Robby had come out with the murder bit. #crime #stories #ConnectedSeries

Connected: Dello Green Kindle Edition: Jimmy West backed his big Dodge around to the dumpster; late afternoon was a perfect time. The county residents not in evidence: The large trucks done with their routes for the day… #Murder #crime #ConnectedSeries

Connected: Sanger Road Kindle Edition: Connected, a series from W. W. Watson. Sanger Road: Book one…

Pulled from his mundane life, Carl finds a world where anything is possible if you are willing to risk everything… #ConnectedSeries #crime #fiction

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One Kindle Edition:

The first quake had been minor, the last few had not. The big one was coming. The satellite links were down, but Doctor Alan Weber didn’t need to have a satellite link up to know that. #Horror

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Two Kindle Edition: The cop took Ben’s gun and dropped it into the blue duffel bag. He took Ed’s gun, then Daryl’s, and Danny’s last… #crime #fiction #eBook

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Three Kindle Edition: Most days he didn’t think of his old life, but when he did it wasn’t with regrets. The hardest thing of all had been shooting Nikki… #crime #ebook #survivalduringdisasters

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Geo Dell Books on Apple

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by Paul Block series Singles

Dead is a collection of eight short stories that all look at death from different angles. Ordinary people in ordinary circumstances that death just happens to play a leading role in.

Alive Again

by Paul Block series Singles

They had been three. Traveling together for safety. In the world of the Un-dead… And they didn’t kid themselves, it was the world of the Un-dead, and there was little enough protection even traveling as a group.

Guitar Works

Guitar Works Volume Five: Neck Refret

by Geo Dell

series Guitar Works

This manual is designed to get you comfortable with doing your own neck repairs, refretting jobs and cutting, shaping and installing your own nut or saddle. It covers a complete rebuild of a damaged neck: Fret board removal, truss rod installation; it will show you how to radius the new board and install new frets. …

Guitar Works Volume Nine

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I started this build about a year ago and then left it. I originally intended to build a seven string slim bodied guitar, but I lost enthusiasm for it when I realized I would probably rarely play it. I hate building guitars that just sit. Guitars are made to be played.When I built the Acoustic Seven string Jazz guitar I used a donor acoustic as the base. That acoustic had a bad neck set and at the …

Guitar Works Volume Six: Repair a Broken Neck

by Geo Dell

series Guitar Works

Whether we are customizing a guitar, repairing a fractured neck, refretting a beloved instrument or building our own guitar from scratch, there are those of us who love to work on and modify our guitars. I have done so for many years and I build hundreds of guitars in the process.This will cover a snapped neck, where the neck is cracked in two. How to make a lasting repair and the order in which …

Guitar Works Volume Seven: Bone Nut and Saddle

by Geo Dell

series Guitar Works

Whether we are customizing a guitar, repairing a fractured neck, refretting a beloved instrument or building our own guitar from scratch, there are those of us who love to work on and modify our guitars. I have done so for many years and I build hundreds of guitars in the process.It will show you how to take a bone blank and turn it into a saddle; how to get the shape and measurements you need to …

Guitar Works Volume Three: Custom Builds Two

by Geo Dell

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The AdjustOvation Build:This is a complete start to finish custom build. The base is an Ovation Applause with the upper bout holes. I planned out this build for several months and then put the pieces together for this build over a few months while buying other parts for my guitar site.The idea was to build a Jazz guitar . I wanted a vibrato. I wanted a roller bridge. Things that must seem …

Guitar Works Beginner Builds

by Geo Dell

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This guide will give you information that you can use to build your own guitars. As with any project there is a great deal of time involved with learning to do things correctly, but I have found over the years that slowing down, doing things step by step, you can come very close to perfect results every time.This Guide can provide the step by step methodical approach I employ in doing a guitar …

Guitar Works Volume Two: Custom Builds 1

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This manual will give you information that you can use to do your own custom repairs on guitars. As with any project there is a great deal of time involved with learning to do things correctly, but I have found over the years that slowing down, doing things step by step, you can build what you want consistently every time. This manual will provide that step by step instruction to guide you in…

Settlement Earth

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book One

by Wendell Watson

series Settlement Earth #1

I took a trip around the upstairs. The boards are all tight, but the night is dragging on and the dead are still too quiet: That bothers me a great deal. I don’t know what they are up to. I will be glad when morning arrives, although to be honest it doesn’t seem to stop them much anymore. They are getting used to it, if they ever weren’t. Maybe it is just my own mind that is more comforted by the…

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Two

by Wendell Watson

series Settlement Earth #2

Andrea Zurita had been alive for the second time for more than three days. The men who had left her body had done so carefully: Senor Prescott would be very angry to find them on his land: Transgressions had been met with violence in the past, the bodies dumped into the ocean.Andrea Ivanna Zurita had taken I’ll three days before in the small village near to Prescott’s property. She worked for …

Earth’s Survivors Settlement Earth: Book Three

by Wendell Watson

series Settlement Earth #3

An alarm that was mounted partway up the wall above the huge banks of monitors began to bray. Long, strident calls. Mieka turned to the alarm, frozen for a second. It had never been triggered in the ten years he had worked at the Alaska station, never, he had begun to believe it would never be triggered. He thought of it as the Oh Shit, alarm. It was triggered from the central office on the …


Connected: Dello Green

by W. W. Watson series Short Stories

Jimmy West:Jimmy West backed his big Dodge around to an open dumpster container, late afternoon was a perfect time to dump a body here…

Connected: Short Hauls

by W. W. Watson series Short Stories

A collection of twelve crime stories; including Harrows…They had been drinking one night when Robby had come out with the murder bit.

Connected: Sanger Road

by W. W. Watson series Short Stories

Connected, a series from W. W. Watson. Sanger Road: Book one…
Pulled from his mundane life, Billy finds a world where anything is possible if you are willing to risk everything…


Fig Street W. G. Sweet

Under the city of Glennville a series of caves cut from the limestone by the Black River attract visitors, children, some have entered and never come out; maybe lost, maybe part of Glennville’s secrets. Something else lives in the cold, dark caves. Something some have suspected but refuse to believe. After all, it’s 1969. Things are rational, safe.

Alabama Island W. G. Sweet

Just after Joel began to lower the rifle the Suburban’s headlights suddenly flicked on and the rear tires spun on the slick pavement smoking and screaming as they clawed for purchase. The engine whined higher in pitch and the big Suburban seemed to jump out into the intersection… #Apocalypse #EndTimes

Earth’s Survivors

Earth’s Survivors Rising from the Ashes Geo Dell

An epic adventure to survive the end of society as we know it. The end begins with scattered survivors struggling to understand what has happened to the safe, familiar world they knew, and whether there is any hope for mankind. Governments are gone. Cities have fallen. Millions are dead. Those who have survived will have to find others and a new way to live… #Apocalypse #ExtinctionEvent

Earth’s Survivors The Nation Geo Dell

We think so highly of ourselves that we believe that the end of society means the end of the world, and I guess it did for us… some of us. But the end of the world? No. The world will go on and on when we are nothing at all but dust upon the ground.

Dead Road

Dead Road Trigger James Whyte

I want the two of you to head out from here. One vial here, then one of you heads west, the other south. Go for the bigger cities… Water supplies… Reservoirs… Release it in the air or water, it doesn’t matter. #ApocalypticFiction #Zombie

Dead Road Bang James Whyte

He had hid for three days until the word had trickled down to him some federal agents from the U.S. were looking for him. It hadn’t taken much to put two and two together. He had managed to get a beat up old Ford pickup truck and then filled-fifty five gallon drums full of gasoline that rode on the back of it. He set off into the desert.

The Dead Road Series: Author James Whyte

Dead Road Trigger

James Whyte – Meet Billy Jingo…

“The virus is designed to live within the host, but it can stay alive in a dead body for days, even if the body is frozen.” #ApocalypticFiction #Horror #Zombie


Dead Road Bang

James Whyte

Billy Jingo Again…

The night was beautiful, Billy thought as he walked along Beechwood Avenue. He knew pretty much everyone he passed. He had been here for a little over six months having made his way up from Mexico when things had gone bad for him there…