Twilight Zone Day and other yackity

Twilight Zone Day :

First thing this morning, I mean seven something, and that is early for me, mom dragged me to Walmart. Walmart before eight a.m. is the Twilight Zone. Including barely dressed people in night type clothing. What? I felt I was in a dream and actually dreaded turning down each aisle. I hate Walmart and although I liked the Twilight Zone series back in the sixties (Yes I really am that old) I don’t actually like being in a Twilight Zone setting. I struggled through Walmart. Did my surreal shopping and was back home before nine a.m. shopping done. Whoa… Also Twilight Zoneish…

I came into the Living room earlier in the day, about to cook brunch and mom was watching some show where they kept talking about Mothers Day. I was thinking, What? We already had Mothers Day, didn’t we? Is there another one that someone started and didn’t tell me about? A sneaky let’s screw up all the men sort of a second Mothers Day? No, but it had me for a few moments just the same. I made brunch and went back to work…

I finished work late afternoon and came out to start dinner and see if mom needed anything. I sat down on the couch for a moment. The heat has been crazy, oppressive, I hate it. So a weather update comes on and the woman shows seventies across the board. The the weather girl says “And if you are worried about the rain affecting your July 4th weekend, rest assured the rain will be gone before then.” I looked at mom and mom looked stunned too. I said.
“You know, this has been a Twilight Zone sort of day… Did she just say July 4th?”

“I believe she did,” sez mom.

“Huh,” I sez back. I looked around the room to make sure Stephen King wasn’t standing in a corner with a crooked smile upon his face. And I am listening to the weather girl at the same time, hoping she will say something like “Did I say July 4th? Silly me…” But she keeps on smiling and talking about seventies and rain. Finally it dawns on me we must be watching an old weather forecast they are showing for some unknown reason because it has been in the eighties and high humidity all week long. So at that moment I stepped out of the Twilight Zone for, I hope, the final time today…

Dinner; breakfast and dinner again…

I made this the last two nights. I often cook for mom and I, but on the weekends I cook whatever she wants and so I get the same treatment. This was my part of the meal I planned…

1 Ramen soup.
1 can Pulpo
2 Chicken breast strips uncooked
1 hot pepper
1 can of black beans
2 tortillas
2 slices American cheese
2 eggs
2 pre cooked sausages

I made this last night and used the balance up tonight.

In a 12″ pan combine half of the can of black beans, the can of pulpo and half the pepper sliced thinly and left in long pieces. Add the chicken in thin sliced strips. Cook on low heat covered.

In the microwave combine a cup of water and the Ramen in a bowl and cook to a boil, about 3 minutes. Cover the noodles and let set. Throw away the seasoning packet, that stuff will kill you.

Add salt and pepper to taste in the covered pan. Simmer until the chicken is completely cooked, about 7 minutes.

Drain the noodles and then stir them into the pan ingredients. Cover the pan once more and simmer an additional few minutes. Turn the flame off and leave the pan covered.

In a separate 12 inch pan add a tsp of Canola oil. Turn the flame to a medium heat and wait two minutes until water flicked into the pan sizzles. Cook the tortillas about thirty to forty five seconds on each side. Stuff the first one while the second is cooking.

Stuffing: Lay the tortilla flat, add the cheese slice first, then add one quarter of the cooked material. Fold the tortilla top and bottom and then roll it from the sides. You should have a sealed product that looks like a burrito when you are done. Do the second tortilla.

I made home made fries and a burger for mom…

Eat your first night dinner…

Breakfast the next morning:

In a 12 inch pan combine the other half of the can of black beans and leave space to cook two eggs. I also added two precooked sausages that I first microwaved for 1 minute to thaw. Let the beans and the sausages cook as long as it takes to cook the eggs.

In a second pan fry two tortillas, again 30 to 45 seconds per side. Load them up with the beans and one egg, one sausage each. Fold them into a burrito or leave them loose. Eat your breakfast.

I made eggs over easy and toast points for mom…

Dinner the second night. Reheat the other half of the beans, pulpo and Ramen. Serve it in a bowl or on a plate. Use a fork, don’t be an animal… 

I made Pizza for mom…

You can substitute rice instead of Ramen noodles, but I found Ramen fits nicer in the burritos, rice tends to fall out, at least if you are a slob like me. Also your mom might want something other than burgers, eggs and pizza…

A true story:
Back in the late seventies my brother Dave and I went for a ride one day. I saw a white Plymouth sitting in a field. It had been hit in the front and it looked as though it had been sitting a while. I was and still am a car fanatic. I have owned more muscle cars and plain fun to drive cars than anyone I know while I was growing up. And I grew up poor so I had to fall into deals as otherwise I would never have been able to afford any of those cars. We parked at the side of the road and went to the house. The woman that answered the door told us the sad tale of the car her son had bought new and wrecked with just a few hundred miles on it. For whatever reason it was parked in the mothers side yard and left for dead.
Over the years of sitting there the motor had set up. The back tires had been stolen or misappropriated for something too, but the interior and the entire car from the front doors back looked like new.
Dave and I worked on the car, but couldn’t get the motor to budge. I had a hundred bucks on me that was burning a hole in my pocket. On the way down this particular road I had seen a set of nice chrome rims for sale with tires that looked like they would fit the car. So we went back down the road to check them out. They looked right and so I bought them for twenty bucks and we went back to the wrecked Plymouth. I was a cheap guy so I offered the lady $60.00 for the car, even though it was worth a few thousand fixed. I pointed out that I might be buying junk as it wouldn’t even turn over and so she agreed.
I’m sure Dave thought I was stupid, but that probably wouldn’t have been the first time that sort of thought crossed his mind concerning me.
The rims fit. That was absolutely a fluke, or luck or something like that. We hooked up a chain to the back of my car and Dave began to tow me home. A mile down the road I thought… “Hey, what if I put it in gear and pop the clutch…? Maybe that would force the motor to turn over.”
I popped the clutch; the whole drive line held tight and then the motor let loose and a few seconds later the car coughed and began running.
I fixed the front fairly cheaply, I had some bodywork skills and sold the car for something like $800.00 dollars a week or so later. I made a good profit on the car. I tell the story because I took something that almost anyone who looked at it would have written off as junk and I made about a 600% profit.
I approach life that way and it almost always works out for me. It is a you-never-know-until-you-try situation. It builds skills and it teaches you to have faith and confidence in your own abilities…

Hope you enjoyed some of this. Come back often and check out my blog, Dell

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