Show Picks on Netflix, or the shows that are taking up my time lately…

Show Picks on Netflix…

The shows that are taking up my time lately…

Orange is the new Black:

Orange is the new Black tells the story of Piper, a young woman who is caught up in the arrest of a large drug ring and winds up in a woman’s federal prison because of that involvement.
I love this show. I was a little shocked at first, but how else does something get your attention except to shock you? My idea of good writers paired with good actors. Comedic, serious and everything in between. I especially like the way they portray people in a real light. No skinny super models here. Fat guys are allowed. All sorts of body types in fact.
Obviously one of the writers or someone they have consulted with has been in prison because a lot of what they say or portray is right on the money. The set itself even sports the same institutional yellow ceramic tiles that many prisons do. At other times it is obvious that they taken creative license and veered into the let’s-make-it-up-zone. Even then the show is good.
As is usual with me most of my world revolves around other things and so I never see shows when they first come out, so I rely on friends to tell me about it, or, even lazier I wait until Netflix send me a heads-up and then I go watch it. That would be after 5 seasons in this case, but I will say this about watching series in that manner. NO WAITING! Just jump in and binge and that is what I have done. I am nearly done with season five and once I am I will have to wait for season six this fall, sigh. Great show. Give it a watch if you can; there are five seasons online at Netflix now and a new one coming this fall with no plans I know of to cancel the series..


Adam Bartley as The Ferg; Katee Sackhoff (Victoria “Vic” Moretti; Robert Taylor as Walt Longmire; Bailey Chase as Branch Connally

Longmire was suggested by my sister. It is the story of a sheriff in a pretty much dysfunctional sheriff’s office in a small town overshadowed my organized crime which may or may not be run on the local Rez. Hmmm.
I fell right into this show after it had moved from A&E to Netflix. I had never heard of it before that. There are five seasons available and one more to come and that will be it for the series. The show follows the life of Walt, the sheriff, his daughter and his deputies, one of which is Vic who has a thing for the sheriff. It also follows developments at the local Indian reservation. Crooked casinos, bad guys, mobsters from Chicago. Just about anything that you can imagine comes to this small town and causes Walt and his deputies problems. I am looking forward to this last season and I wish there were more…


I missed this series completely when it came out. Thankfully the entire series is on Netflix ready to go. LOST is not for everyone. If you have a short attention span better give it a pass. LOST is the story of 40 plus survivors of a plane crash on what appears to be a remote island somewhere in the ocean, but the more you watch the more likely you are to wonder about that and as the time and episodes go by in the series the answers that come sometimes confuse more than help you.
This show quickly climbed to the top of my favorites list last year when I discovered it: Since then I have watched it through twice and I am on a third trip through catching all the stuff I missed the first two times. There are so many story lines, plot lines that you actually have to pay attention. Miss a few episodes and you will be wondering what the hell happened. Wholeheartedly recommended.

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