Walmart jokes and Zombie Plague links

Posted by Geo  07-21-17

Another weekend is here. I spent this past week working on a manuscript and taking care of guitar build updates.

I want to throw some congratulations to Andrea Scroggs. Her Graphic Novel, Invariant is doing well. She is working on another graphic story. Her artwork is as good as her writing and she knows how to bring both things together. Amazon: Invariant

The zombie Plagues books are doing very well.

What’s on the burner: I am working on a new novel right now. I have also completed one other novel, editing work for that one now. The fifth Zombie Plagues novel is now available on Nook too:


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What else is going on: Summer is passing. It is hot here in northern New York but I’m sure back in the day the woolly mammoths thought it was warm enough too and then wham! They froze to death right in their fields… So, you know, maybe hit the winter coat aisle at Walmart before the prices go up…

Some absolute facts…

Absolute Fact:

Q: Who discovered America?

A: Richard Plambouise.

Huh? Richard was working at the local Walmart in 2011 when he was assigned to move some shelving during inventory. Behind the shelving he noticed a continent that had fallen from the shelf and lay dusty and disused. He recognized it for what it was, America.

Congratulations Richard Plambouise.

Absolute Fact:

Q: Is the Earth really round?

A: No.

Think about it, you’d fall off of it. The earth is flat. Been flat since I was a kid, I know ’cause I ran in my new sneakers, fast as hell and I didn’t fall of. The Earth is flat.

Absolute Fact:

Q: Is what mom feeds me actually good for me?

A: Yes.

Everything mom feeds you is good for you, now shut up and eat.

Absolute Fact:

Q: When a man loves a woman can he keep his mind on anything else?

A: No.

Just ask Percy Sledge who not only told us a man can not keep his mind on anything else, but that he would Sleep out in the rain if she says that’s the way it ought to be. Thanks Percy.

Absolute Fact:

Q: If my wife asks, should I tell her, Yes., her butt does look big?

A: Absolutely.

Relationships are built on respect, truth and honesty. Go ahead, tell her. You can even tell her I said to. In fact, Percy didn’t say otherwise either.

You can usually find myself or Dell on twitter throughout the day, Dell: @SweetDell or me, Geo: @GeorgeDell01

That is me for your Friday. I hope your weekend is good and the coming week is a good one for you. Check out the free books for the week and the websites. I’ll be back next Monday, Geo.

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