RAD OGRE and LUA? Yes! So here is a look at a project I included in RAD Sandbox 2021, a fade in Dashboard that begins your game, key the switch and it animates with sound and then opens your game. In this collection, all the files are there to use it to open a included game or customize it to open your own game.
First we’ll look at where I got it, from an OGRE based Public Domain game I downloaded, I used a fade script written in LUA that I copied into a RAD script module and with a few small tweaks made work the way I wanted it to.
The OGRE based game has a load of similarities to RAD, including using LUA. Hmmmm. In any case, I’ll be uploading the OGRE game, the OGRE Script directory and the Fade in Dashboard is already in the RAD Sandbox 2021 download. Enjoy, Dell. #3DGameBuilding #RADSandbox 

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