Zombie Plagues – A series from Geo Dell

The Zombie Plagues Series

The Zombie Plagues: Box Set The first six books in the Zombie Plagues Series, along with an alternate ending and a character bibliography. #ZombiePlagues #Zombie


The Zombie Plagues: Billy Jingo Tommy awakened. He blinked; raised one hand to rub his eyes and the hand was stopped by something soft yet firm.He blinked again, squinted and tried to see better. #Zombie #ApocalyticFiction


The Zombie Plagues: Doomed. War begins: Two minutes of easy climbing and they were in the scrub brush at the back of the parking lot. Four heavily armed men were pursuing them: Firing as they ran. #Zombies #Apocalypse


The Zombie Plagues: Southland. He slowly became aware of the pain in his left leg as his heart slowed down and resumed a somewhat normal beat again. He stepped out of the truck to the ground testing the leg. #ZombiePlagues #Horror


The Zombie Plagues: Wilderness. The little area that serviced the interstate contained a motel unit that had seen better days. Most of the units were flattened. The swimming pool was cracked and empty… #Zombies #Horror #ApocalypticFiction


The Zombie Plagues: Return. They were parked in the middle of the highway. There were three dead zombies lying scattered in the highway. They had been living in the SUV when Zac and Amanda had happened along. #Zombie #Apocalypse #Horror


The Zombie Plagues: War. They made it to the top of the pass just in time to watch the sleigh approach the steep grade that would bring it to the top of the pass. An older man sat high on the wagon, driving a team of four oxen. #Apocalypse #Zombie


The Zombie Plagues: Zombie Fall. The attack came fast when it came. Mike only remembered the details after the fact. #ApocalypticFiction #TheZombiePlagues #Horror


The Zombie Plagues: To Build a Nation. The finale to The Zombie Plagues series:Donita walked down Eighth Avenue towards Columbus Circle. Behind her a silent army followed, numbering in the thousands. #ZombiePlagues #Horror #ApocalypticFiction