Pre Runner six

Pre Runner 06


The sixth truck in the series. If you get RAD 2021 you’ll find there are 10 chassis you can interchange with these models.

Military themed off road truck. This, and all models I create and list on this site, are free to use as you see fit, commercial or personal work, and the download is free.

Contains the model, the UV work, and the Shadow model. these are formatted for…


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OFX Purchase

You can purchase the OFX modeler bundle through PayPal and I’ll send it to you as an eMail attachment. That keeps the ball rolling here, and allows me to work on upgrades and models. #3dModels #3dGameMaker

RAD Sandbox

Don’t wait to take advantage of this deal. Get RAD Sandbox Standard with ready made templates to help you build your own games. #3DGameBuilds #3DModeler


OFX Modeler and the RAD Sandbox software for just $39.99. Make models and then use the Game Maker to build your 3D Worlds and games! #3dGameMaker #3DModeler

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