Anti Bacterial Dish Soap

Last week I walked into the kitchen to find my sister Connie and my mother standing at the kitchen sink talking. I stopped to eavesdrop, because that is the only way men find out anything, and mom said…
“It’s funny, I know it was here. I just bought that dish soap.” My sister Connie looked sorry, commiserating that the dish soap had disappeared.
I stood there, brain clicking over at idle, not yet alarmed. And then mom lifted the empty bottle; ‘Antibacterial Dish Soap’ it said, and a small amount of thick, gold liquid flowed slowly back and forth in the bottom of the empty bottle.
Roh Roh, I thought. I distinctly remembered filling the antibacterial soap pump for hand washing the day before. The one that took the thick gold soap, just like the thick gold soap in the empty bottle.
I looked at my sister and then mom. I was caught. There’s just me and mom and the two cats, hers and mine, and although they do a lot of mischief they had never been known to drain the antibacterial soap before; wash the paws before they go out to kill the field mice? Nope, that was some mischief they had never been up to.
Mom’s look said she knew it was me… “Um, I did it,” I finally admitted. “I refilled the antibacterial soap dispenser… I thought that was what it was…” They just looked at me pathetically, surprised, most likely that I had made it this far in life without learning how to read…

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