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Alabama Island by W.G. Sweet

Vomiting had pulled the pain back full force and he had found himself exiting into the black curtain once again. It was dawn when he had found his way back and a sense of urgency to be moving had set in…

America the Dead: Survivor Stories One by W.G. Sweet

A light rain had begun as he pulled the truck back out on to the roadway, heading for Mexico as the rain bounced up from the pavement and covered the surface with a gray mist.


America the Dead: Survivor Stories Two

John leaned close. “So how do you build a population if the women are only with the women?”

Bear shook his head. “You know what I said to Maddy a few moments ago? I said, ‘What a dick… And you are… You are.”


America the Dead: Survivor Stories Three

The police? Gone. Fire department? Ditto. Army? Well, wasn’t the National Guard supposed to show up when the shit hit the fan? But so far the army had not raised a finger to do anything for them at all…


America the Dead: Survivor Stories Four

Classified: Top secret for the next hundred years or so. He wondered, Would it even be released then? He doubted it. The shit they were doing here was bad; shit you never wanted the American public to know about.


America the Dead: Survivor Stories Five

Today we decided to see if the city was any better on the other side of the river. It isn’t. We crossed on a trestle, and went up State Street. There’s a supermarket there, and we found tracks in the snow.


Earth’s Survivors America the Dead: Begins the End

The virus bonds itself to our cells; regenerating them at an advanced rate, if you die you rise again. Soldiers called the phenomenon Overclocking; being able to live forever…


Earth’s Survivors America the Dead: Los Angeles

In the dead a virus designed to save the human race has mutated, continued to work, and the dead are beginning to rise. In the bigger cities the dead are growing quickly in numbers, changing as they mutate…


Earth’s Survivors America the Dead: Manhattan

Something was going on out in the world, and the news was covering it up. And now the local news had been canceled. There had been no strange weather today, but time was off. Really off. The days were longer…


Earth’s Survivors America the Dead: War at Home 1

The air purifiers turned on with a high-pitched whine, they could feel the air as it dragged past them. The volume would be completely replaced before anyone would step foot into the room with the corpse.


Earth’s Survivors America the Dead: War at Home 2

It was an hour past sunset when Mike took over one of the perimeter guard posts from Susan. It was simply the far corner of the garage complex that overlooked a field and the highway beyond it…


Earth’s Survivors America the Dead: Zombie Fall

We are sending people out into a world that is no better. It’s worse in some ways. We didn’t have to deal with the dead. The radio tells us they have taken over the bigger cities. I just can’t imagine it…


Earth’s Survivors America the Dead: The Zombie Plagues

Wrecked and burned out buses blocked the entrance to Central Park; the roads and pathways: Sheet steel welded over the windows. Holes burned with Acetylene torches for gun ports.


Earth’s Survivors Zombie Plagues: Collection One

Collection One Contains the complete text of Books One and Two of the Zombie Plagues books. A great change was coming to the Earth. It made some wish for death, but death was no longer a guarantee…


Earth’s Survivors Zombie Plagues: Collection Two

A supply trip with Mike, Ronnie and a few others turns into The Nations first real clash with the dead, resulting in death for some of The Nations own…




Earth’s Survivors Life Stories: Billy

“I do know you got to get it out… Hey,” he waited until the kid looked up. “You know who I work for, right? You muck this up you’ll wind up out at the county landfill… Gulls pecking out your eyes.” …


Earth’s Survivors Life Stories: Candace and Mike

Follow this epic tale as Candace and Mike make their way through a devastated. Death, destruction, gangs, the dead and the lack of any government help, teach them that they must depend on only each other…


Earth’s Survivors Life Stories: Bear

This book starts at the beginning of the apocalypse and works through the first months as Bear makes his way from Manhattan to Pennsylvania, and finally Kentucky where he becomes a member of the fledgling Nation


Earth’s Survivors Life Stories: Beth

Before the apocalypse Beth is beginning to pull herself back up from the gutter of life, learning to live again, trust and believe. The apocalypse almost crushes that hope she had begun to grow…

TRUE: True Stories from a small town


TRUE: True Stories from a Small Town #1

These stories lare like snapshots at points in my life. They are part of a much larger work I intend to eventually publish…


TRUE: True Stories from a Small Town #2

This is a book about the man who made a difference in my life. I don’t mean the minimal difference that some people make. I mean a man who was actually good. Inside where it counts.


True: True Stories from a Small Town #3: Life in A minor

In AA they say that addictions will take you to hospitals, Mental Institutions and Prisons. It’s true. They will. I have been in all of those places because of my addictions…

The End of Summer by Dell Sweet: A Glennville story

The summer of 1969 was winding down. The warm air held a smell 13 year old Bobby Weston couldn’t quite identify but nevertheless acquainted with going back to school. An end of summer smell, he decided.


The Great Go Cart Race by Dell Sweet: A Glennville story

The summer of 1969 in Glennville New York had settled in. The July morning was cool and peaceful. Bobby Weston and Moon Calloway worked furiously on the go-cart they planned to race down park hill.

Rapid City: Cowboys and Zombies

I am Robert Evans, a gunfighter. I wear stitched leather gloves with no fingers. There is a man in Alabama City that makes them special for me and a few others that be in the life of gun fighting.


Rocket by Dell Sweet: Hay Vida Book 1

Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He Purchased Star Dancer and has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to the established bases on the Moon, Mars and Saturn’s moons…


Base One by Dell Sweet: Hay Vida Book 2

For the last two days Michael had found himself thinking in an new direction. All the old stuff we depended on is gone and that’s okay. He didn’t care at all if he never saw space again.


Connected: Short Hauls by W. W. Watson

A collection of twelve crime stories; including Harrows…


Connected: Sanger Road by W. W. Watson

Connected, a series from W. W. Watson. Sanger Road: Book one…

Pulled from his mundane life, Billy finds a world where anything is possible if you are willing to risk everything…


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